What do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

Maybe they are not hungry right now?

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While it may be better to leave polar bears alone in real life, their presence in Minecraft lends you the chance to get up and close without becoming their dinner. Polar bears are passive mobs that will only attack if you threaten them or their cubs. Most animal mobs have food that will lead them to follow you wherever you lead them and can use that food to get them to breed. So what do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

What food do polar bears eat in Minecraft

Unfortunately, at least at the time of this writing, polar bears do not eat any kind of food in Minecraft. You cannot breed them, and no food will make them follow you. If you kill an adult polar bear, they have a chance to drop some Raw Cod, but you cannot use that fish on them.

How to lead polar bears

While you cannot make a polar bear follow you with food, there is a way to lead them somewhere. You can use a Lead on polar bears, allowing you to pull them to a caged area or wherever you want them without them attacking you. That being said, if you are in Survival, be sure to do this on a polar bear that is alone. If you get close to a polar bear with a cub nearby, it will attack you until you or it dies. When you get the polar bear transported, you can use a Name Tag on it to keep it from despawning.