What do Tickets to Impossible Destinations do in Destiny 2?

We’re going on an adventure!

Image via Bungie

Any time new content drops for Destiny 2, it is always a mad dash to figure out what you should do with the items that pop up. Some are more useful than others, so it quickly becomes a balancing act to figure out what to keep and what to dismantle.

You might have spotted a Tickets to Impossible Destinations item has dropped into your inventory during the recent event. Its description reads as “These appear to be tickets to a vacation destination that exists in several realities at once”, which is already weird. The rest of the description contains equally nonsensical information that sounds like it is both the best vacation destination and the worst. But could this strange item have another use that isn’t immediately obvious? What should you do with a Tickets to Impossible Destinations item in Destiny 2?

The good news is that you can easily just dismantle the Tickets to Impossible Destinations when you get it. It has no immediate purpose besides being a little bit of fun that the developers dropped into the game, so dismantle it for some extra materials without a worry. It is a Common item, so you are likely to have it pop up more than once as you are running in Destiny 2.