What Does The Diamond Symbol Mean In The Outer Worlds


You will end up picking up hundreds of weapons in The Outer Worlds. While they fall into a few categories, they can have different damage types, levels, and other factors that will impact their effectiveness. It is always worth thoroughly checking the stats of the weapons you pick up before you discard them. Some of them will have a small diamond symbol beside their durability, and this is what that means.

What Does The Diamond Symbol Mean In The Outer Worlds

Diamond Symbol

Items, either weapons or armor, that have this small diamond symbol beside the durability, are considered to be Pristine. These items are handy, as they will lose durability at a slower rate than other weapons and armor.

They are also worth much more to a vendor, often selling for twice the value they would. They do not yield any more weapon or armor parts when broken down, so if you are no longer using them, or have leveled up beyond their capacity to put out damage, make sure to sell them.

You can also get Pristine mods. These do not do any additional damage or have any increased effects over standard mods, but they do sell for much more money, as if you need Bits badly, it can make sense to sell them.

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