What does Pulse do in The Anacrusis?

It’s not for finding things.

Image via Stray Bombay

In cooperative survival games, you will want to make use of every tool you have in your arsenal to keep both yourself and your teammates alive. While you are playing The Anacrusis, you may notice you have an ability called Pulse but not know what to do with it. Some games call a move to detect things around you a Pulse, but that is not the case here. Here is what Pulse does in The Anacrusis.

When you activate a Pulse, you will notice a short-range circle blast out from you. That is because this is The Anacrusis’ way of giving you a knockback attack, so you don’t have to merely rely on your weapons when you get multiple aliens on you. This is essentially like the shove move from Left 4 Dead, but this will actually work on all enemies around you, not just in front of you.

While Pulse is a great way to give yourself some breathing room, keep in mind that you will only have three immediate uses of it until they recharge. On keyboard and mouse, press Left Shift to activate it. LB does the same on Xbox.

From what we have seen, it does not appear that this move will damage enemies, but we could be wrong about that. Regardless, knocking the enemy off their feet will give you plenty of time to reload and shoot them with your gun to ensure they don’t get in your space again.