What does the Pro Decorating License do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 2.0.0 Update?

Trust me, I’m a professional.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The last free update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds a lot to the experience for anyone who wants more to do on their islands. Among those features in the update are some new interior options, but you will first need the Pro Decorating License to do them. Here is what you need to know about this license.

To get the Pro Decorating License, you will need to purchase it from the Nook Stop machine in the Resident Services building (the one with Isabelle and Tom Nook inside). At the machine, select Nook Miles and scroll down to Pro Decorating License. It will cost you 2,500 Nook Miles to purchase.

Once you have the license, your villager will look at it as a DIY Recipe and learn what to do from it. With this license, you can now hang items from the ceiling and make accent walls inside your home.

To make accent walls:

  • Go into a room in your house and make sure you have a wallpaper in your pocket.
  • Go into the room editor and press + to go on the wall you want to change.
  • Open your pocket with X and select Set Accent Wall to make that wall the chosen wallpaper while keeping the others as they already are.
Screenshot by Gamepur

As for hanging things from the ceiling, you will first need items that can be put there, like light fixtures or stuff like that. When you have something that can be hung from the ceiling, have it in your pocket and pull it out while in the room editor. Press + twice to navigate yourself to the ceiling editing space. You can then choose where to place it in that room.