What is Aksiniks, Bound by Honor’s location in Destiny 2

He is hiding, but you can find him.

Destiny 2

Screengrab via Bungie

You will need to find Aksiniks, Bound by Honor, as part of the Momento quest in Destiny 2. To find this dangerous Fallen enemy, you will need to go to the Tangled Shore. Just up from Spiders lair, on the left wall, you will find the entrance to a Lost Sector called The Empty Tank. 

The Empty Tank

Head inside, then go all the way to the end of the tunnel and enter the first main room. You will see a strange raised console in front of you, and in the back of the room will be a Servitor. Kill the Servitor and all the smaller enemies that are there, then interact with the console to open a door on the ground level at the back of the room. Head for the door, but be careful of the yellow bar Captain that will appear there.

Follow the tunnel through a creepy room filled with Cabal war dogs and hive. You can avoid them all if you want, or kill them. Follow the tunnels until you come to another room that appears to have some competitive fights going on. Kill the enemies that are fighting, and a new wave of enemies will appear. One of them will be Aksiniks. He is pretty tough, and he hits hard, so don’t let him get too close.

Use your Power weapon to take him out quickly, then this portion of the quest is done. You can either return to the Spider straight away or continue to finish the Lost Sector by taking out a couple of waves of enemies, then take out the final group at the back of the room. A door will open in the back right of the room that will lead you to the cache.

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