What is Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark?

Sub for sub.

Lost Ark is an action RPG mixed up with an MMO. You will be adventuring, finishing quests, leveling your characters, and finding loot as you pour time into the game. There are also a range of services you can take advantage of if you wish, such as the Crystalline Aura.

The Crystalline Aura is a subscription service. It can be purchased using the blue Crystal currency. This can be obtained by spending Royal Crystals on the main page of the store tab. The Crystalline Aura will cost 420 blue crystals.

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Below, you can find the full list of benefits from the Crystalline Aura as they appear in the game.

  • Triport fee is free. (Triport is the fast travel function)
  • Ocean Liner fee is 50% off.
  • Daily Rapport Action tries +1 try.
  • Life Energy natural recovery amounts +10%
  • Usable Bifrost slots +2
  • Song of Return Cooldown -50%
  • Stronghold Research time -10%
  • Stronghold Crafting time -10%
  • Stronghold Dispatch time -10%
  • Stronghold Action Energy basic recovery amount +10%
  • Stronghold Training Grounds Ultimate Stress Buster unlocked
  • (XP Gained Per Minute 7,000)
  • Crystal Benefactor Title applied (While benefit lasts)

The Crystalline Aura will last for 30 days and will need to be purchased each time it wears off, it cannot be set up to automatically renew.