What is going on with Fortnite’s Black Hole Screen?


The end of Fortnite’s Season 10 event saw the entire map get sucked into a black hole, which is now the only thing left of the famous Battle Royale game.


Missiles rained down out of open rifts, causing a chain reaction and permanently locking everyone out of the Fortnite client outside of showing the small circle of moving light that now represents the remainder of the old world. All that is left now is the single moving image with some soft music playing, only displaying an exit option for players to leave once they have had enough.

All of this is supposed to lead up to a sort of soft relaunch for the game, introducing what will likely be a completely new map with other changes to how the game plays. This profound change matches Epic Games’ typical strategy plan with the game since innovation has kept it on top for so long.

Whatever comes next will probably be shown emerging from the dark void soon, but the confusion and building excitement caused by the odd occurrence continues to build as the game seemingly disappeared. There is currently no timetable for when another change will happen, but the next stage in Fortnite is coming soon.