What is Heat in Need for Speed Unbound?

Have any Heat?

Image via EA

Have you been playing Need for Speed Unbound recently, but can’t understand as to why the cops are so interested in taking you down. There is a reason for that, and it’s called Heat. Heat plays a major role in the interactions you will have in Lakeshore City. Various actions have quite the effect on your Heat rating, but how exactly does this all work? Here’s what you need to know about Heat in Need for Speed Unbound.

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What does Heat do in Need for Speed Unbound?

Heat, simply put, is how much the police perceive you as a threat in Need for Speed Unbound. In Need for Speed Unbound, you will have a Heat rating. This rating will be displayed on top of the screen while cruising through Lakeshore City, and it’s quite important to watch that. Here’s why that is the case.

The higher the Heat score, the more aggressive the police will be in trying to arrest you. If you have a Heat score of zero, the police have no interest whatsoever. Have a score of one, it’s probably best to avoid the cops. And if your Heat score rating is three or four, be prepared to step on the gas as soon as possible.

Now, how does the Heat score increase? The Heat rating goes up when performing various activities. These activities can range from participating in Meetup races, having a high-end car, or hitting a police car. If you’re in a police chase and in the midst of attempting an escape, keep in mind that the Heat score will also go up as the chase progresses in time.

How does the Heat score decrease? Well, one way is to successfully escape from a chase. We should note that in many cases, escaping won’t drop the score to zero. But, performing an escape does lower it nonetheless. The surefire way to lower it is by successfully making it to a safehouse at the end (night) of the day. When this occurs, the Heat score will reset back to zero and you won’t need to worry about losing cash.