What is included in 2021’s Starlight Celebration event in Final Fantasy XIV?

Here come the holidays.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Starting on December 16, the first-holiday event in Final Fantasy XIV will kick off called the Starlight Celebration for 2021. It will be the first event held in Final Fantasy XIV following the release of Endwalker, giving fans plenty of holiday-based activities to do as they prepare for the arrival of the Pandæmonium raid. What can you receive for completing the Starlirhgt Celebration 2021 event? In this guide, we will cover all of the items you can receive.

There are three big items that you can receive at the event. There’s the Wind-up Rudy, the Squirell Emperor minion, and the Starlight Mobile decoration that you can add to your house, especially if it needs any holiday spirit. Those are the three big items appearing during the Starlight Celebration 2021 event.

The items that appeared in previous Starlight Celebration events will be available for purchase through the Seasonal Shop, which will reappear for the possibility for a limited time. So if you missed out on anything from last year, or this is the first Starlight Celebration in Final Fantasy, you’ll want to make sure to visit this shop and buy as much as you can before it disappears again.

The Starlight Celebration 2021 event begins on December 16 and ends on the 31.