What is the Buddy Pass, and how does it work in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Don’t go it alone. Take two friends with you.

Image via Ubisoft

Going it alone in Rainbow Six Extraction is not how you should be playing the game. You want to bring a small three-person team in with you to battle against the Arch├Žan threat, giving you a higher chance of battling against the spreading parasite. With the Buddy Pass, you can bring over a few friends to try the game out for a limited time. Here’s what you need to know about the Buddy Pass and how it works in Rainbow Six Extraction.

So long as you own Rainbow Six Extraction, you can invite up to two friends to join you to play the game from any platform. Regardless of the platform you are playing Extraction from.

Your invites will be in the form of Buddy Tokens. You can use those game tokens in the in-game menu to invite your friends. Send the invitation to your friends through this menu, and if they accept it, they can play Rainbow Six Extraction for free.

Any friend you invite will need to download the Trial Version of Rainbow Six Extraction from their ideal gamestore on their platform. After they’ve done that, they can download the Buddy Pass invitation you’ve sent them to join you in the game. The Buddy Pass will last for 14 days after your friends submits it.

Every retrail purchase copy of Rainbow Six Extraction comes with two Buddy Tokens. If your friend purchases the game after playing it for 14 days, they should also recieve two Buddy Tokens.