What is the Daily Focus Playlist in Destiny 2?

Oh, Bungie.

For some of the challenges, bounties, and quests that will be taking place during Guardian Games 2021 in Destiny 2, players will be asked to achieve certain goals in the Daily Focus Playlist.

The game doesn’t really explain what this is, so we are here to set you on the right path. The Daily Focus Playlist can be found in the main Menu, by going into the Quest tab, then clicking to see the details on the Medal Case.

In orange writing on this details screen, the game will list the Daily Focus playlist, and it can be Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit.

Strikes are definitely the best Daily Focus Playlist, as you can earn laurels very quickly and easily there by using the Guardian Games: Strikes playlist on the Tower map. Being in a playlist with only people playing that class will make it much quicker to gather up large amounts of Laurels.

To make your time in the Playlist more efficient, make sure you visit Eva in the Tower and grab a Contender Card for 100 Laurels. These will give you a random challenge, and you can finish them up in the playlist and earn some medals for your class.

Daily Focus Playlist Rotation

  • Tuesday April 20 – Strikes
  • Wednesday April 21 – Crucible