What is the death penalty in New World?

What happens when you character dies?

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Whenever you perish in New World, you’ll revive to the closest settlement or at a respawn camp point that you set not too far away. You might find this happening to you if you’ve been battling against a particular elite enemy, or you’re running around the open world engaging in PvP. What are the consequences of that death when you die, and what is the death penalty in New World?

Every time you die in New World, a small portion of all the equipment you’re carrying slowly degrades. All of the weapons and armor that you wear in the game have durability. As the durability of an item degrades, it edges closer to breaking and becoming useless. You’ll need to pay a small amount of coin and use repair parts to restore any of these items.

When an item breaks, it doesn’t do much for you. However, you can still repair it and fully restore it. A weapon or gear piece never breaks forever. All of your weapons and armor are slowly degrading as you play the game, but when you die, they all take a much larger chunk away from the durability number than it usually would.

Beyond losing durability on your weapons and gear, there is no death penalty. However, you might consider having to walk back to your mission point, across an entire territory, a penalty if you forgot to place down a camp nearby.