What is the Helper Function in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania?

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania is a simple game. You control each stage in the game to direct your character towards the end goal. While the idea seems straightforward, the game gets complicated at times. If you are having issues completing a stage, we recommend giving the Helper Function a try. Here is what it does.

The Helper Function is a feature that will double the time allotted for a stage and direct you along a path to reach the goal. It does not take control of the game at all, only showing you the best route to take while giving you extra time to find your way around. You can also slow down time by pressing the button shown in the bottom left of the screen.

While the Helper Function will tell you how to proceed through a level, it disables your time record for the stage and will not earn any points. If you are struggling on a level and just want to play the next one, you can use it to get you through and come back later in Story Mode. If you do this in Challenge Mode, however, you will need to restart the run of stages if you want to complete the mission for doing the entire challenge run without the Helper Function.