What is the level cap in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

When does it cap off?

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake winds back the clock to give players a brand new experience on a classic title. Those who remembered it have the opportunity to revisit it, while those who have only ever heard people talk about it can try it for themselves with an updated series of graphics. The game is a classic RPG, and that means grinding out levels for your characters.

The game does have a level cap, and you will need powerful characters to make your progression through the game much easier. You can expect to reach level 50. While the level cap happens at 50, you can still obtain SP to increase your weapons, and have your character’s material grow through AP.

You likely won’t reach level 50 by purely playing through the game, though. When you beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the game’s new hard mode opens up. You will then gain access to chapter select where you can pick to start the story over at chapter 1 on a harder difficulty. All of your progression, equipment, and everything you did in the normal game comes with you.

You will need the additional levels when you go through the game’s hard mode to survive the additional challenges. You may know how the story ends and what enemies to expect, but everything becomes increasingly tricky. Plus, it becomes far easier to level up in the hard mode because all party members gain double experience and triple AP after each encounter.

Even when the credits show up in Final Fantasy VII Remake, you can expect to have plenty left to do.