What is the max party size in Fall Guys?

Gather your friends.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image via Steam

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the brightly colored party game for the PlayStation 4 and PC allows you and your friends to take part in an assortment of hilarious and challenging mini-games to find out who is the best at not falling over themselves.

Many modes play out over hilarious obstacle courses, and 60 brightly colored, cartoon-like characters all running around and falling over really make for a hilarious experience. If you are wondering exactly how many of your friends can play together simultaneously, we have you covered.

What is the max party size?

The maximum party size in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is four, and the minimum size is two. You can create parties of between two and four people, and the matchmaking will then take care of the rest. There can be up to 60 players in each game, and you can play online PvP or online coop modes.

Developers Mediatonic has expressed that they could bring all kinds of features to the game if fans are interested in them. If enough people show interest in creating private servers, the FAQ states that this is something they will happily support, if the demand is there.

The same applies to the local coop, so if this is something you would really like to see added to the game, be sure to give your feedback to the developers, and you might be able to play with your buddies in glorious split-screen mode.