What is the name of the Wangshu Inn cat in Genshin Impact?

Good kitty.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The 1000 Questions with Paimon event has people wracking their brains for Genshin Impact facts. The more quest you get correct, the more rewards you can earn. Some of the questions are series Liyue noodle scratchers, however.

One of the questions is about the Wanghu Inn cat, specifically the cat’s name. For those who don’t know, the feline friend of all patrons of the Wangshu Inn is called Wie. The cat can be found sitting on the desk beside Verr Goldet at the top of the inn, if you want to visit them.

An interesting thing about the cat is that it will always look at whoever is visiting the desk, and in turn, they will stare back at the cat. Unfortunately, you cannot scratch the cat or interact with it in any way. You can learn about Wei by speaking with Verr at the desk, and she will fill you in on some of Wei’s life story.

The cat used to be a stray, but was taken in by Verr and is now a resident of the Inn. Genshin Impact is actually filled with animals, and there are dogs and cats to be found all over the map, but Wei is definitely one of the most prominent, thanks to her place as an important part of the Wanshu Inn staff.