What is the Nightfall Weapon this week in Destiny 2?

Time to farm.

Image via Bungie

Each week, Destiny 2’s Nightfall presents players with a solid challenge, and a great way to earn loot. On top of rare materials like Ascendant Shards, players can earn special weapons that are only available from the Nightfall loot pool.

The Nightfall strike, and the loot pool you can draw rewards from, will change each Tuesday with the weekly reset. When it comes to earning your rewards, the higher the difficulty you run, the better the chance of getting the Nightfall weapon. Where it gets tricky is that not all the difficulty levels have matchmaking, so you might need to get a squad together to run the most difficult levels.

This week’s Nightfall weapons

This week’s Nightfall weapons are as follows:

  • The Palindrome Hand Cannon
  • The Swarm Machine Gun

The Nightfall Strike is Proving Grounds, and you can expect to have to deal with plenty of Unstoppable and Barrier Champions.

The Palindrome God Rolls


  • Outlaw/One For All – One For All works by hitting three separate targets within a generous amount of time, causing it to gain a damage boost. We have found that this damage boost is a bit more substantial than what the Rampage perk offers. Combining that with the reload benefit of Outlaw, this weapon has no problem with clearing out minor enemies and any accompanying major enemies.


  • Quickdraw/Rangefinder – A relatively common perk setup for PvP activities, and for a good reason. This perk roll will allow this weapon to maintain its damage at range, allowing you to sight in quickly then reach out and touch your enemies at a distance. An additional alternative is Killing Wind in place of Quickdraw. Killing Wind gives you increased mobility, range, and handling after securing a final blow.

The Swarm God Rolls


  • For PvE, Fluted Barrel will add plenty of stability and handling, Appended Mag will increase the magazine size by 20, Outlaw will seriously buff reload speeds for accurate players, and Dragonfly will turn it into an ad clear machine.


  • For a more PvP oriented weapon, Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Killing Wind, and Tap the Trigger will allow you pretty ridiculous accuracy at long ranges.

The Comedian God Rolls


  • Ensemble/Trench Barrel – melee hits with increase damage, handling, and reload speed, and ensemble will also buff handling and reload speed when enemies are close.


  • Subsistence/Unrelenting – while hardly a superb option for PvP, if you insist on doing, this might be your best bet with the Comedian. Killing multiple targets will heal you, and defeating targets will also reroll the mag, allowing you to stay alive in situations that really should kill you.

Hung Jury God Rolls


  • For PvE, Smallbore, Extended Mag, Rapid Hit, and Firefly to help take out mobs of enemies. Truthfully, Scouts feel slightly lost in most PvE content when you compare them to other types of weapons, so there is a lot of room to build whatever you like here.


  • Overall we would suggest something like Smallbore for the range and stability increases, Accurized Rounds for a further range increase, Subsistence, and Box Breathing.

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