What is the Omni-Ubiquity Net in Genshin Impact?

Monster hunting.

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The Omni-Ubiquity Net is a gadget in Genshin Impact added in Version 2.3. If you played the Bantan Sango Case Files event, you’ve already used the Ubiquity Net to help capture animals and return them to their owners. Now, this gadget allows you to capture wild animals out in the overworld. Furthermore, any animals you capture can be placed inside your Serenitea Pot.

To obtain the Omni-Ubiquity Net, you’ll have to complete an easy World Quest. You’ll start by talking to Sango from the detective agency, where she’ll direct you to an NPC named Wakamurasaki. She’ll give you a sample Omni-Ubiquity Net for you to test out on a nearby fox. The fox will be located in the red circle pictured below.

To use the net, equip the Omni-Ubiquity Net from your Gadgets tab. You can then activate the gadget, which will replace your Elemental Skill. All you have to do then is aim the net at your desired animal of choice, then capture it.

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Once you capture the fox, talk to Wakamurasaki again. Unlike the classic Ubiquity Net you used in the event, however, these nets are temporary. You’ll have to return to her if you want to buy more nets to capture more animals for your Serenitea Pot. Go back to the detective agency and talk to Sango to finish the quest. She’ll reward you with some Hero’s Wit, Mora, and 10 Omni-Ubiquity Nets to start.

What animals can you capture with the Omni-Ubiquity Nets?

Not all creatures in Genshin Impact can be caught by the Omni-Ubiquity Net. There’s a limited amount of critters available to you. Most of the capturable animals are in the wildlife, including birds and beasts. You can check which animals are available to you by heading to the Gadgets tab, clicking the Omni-Ubiquity Net, then going to the Archive listed in the description.

Creatures you can catch with the Omni-Ubiquity Net will be pictured with a net symbol above the profile. You can see an example of this in the screenshot below.

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Here is a list of all the animals we’ve currently discovered:

  • Birds: White Pigeon, Graywing Pigeon, Crimsonflank Pigeon, Black King Pigeon, Crimson Finch, Godlen Finch, Snow Finch, Emerald Finch, Scarletbeak Duck, Emerald Duck, Azure Crane, Violet Ibis, Crow
  • Beasts: Snow Fox, Crimson Fox, Kitsune, Squirrel, Forest Boar, Snowboar, Sapphire (cat), Gray Snow Cat, Snow Weasel, Red-Tailed Weasel
  • Other: Anemo Crystalfly, Electro Crystalfly, Cryo Crystalfly, Geo Crystalfly, Golden Loach, Sunny Loach, Frog, Mud Frog, Blue Frog, Golden Crab, Sun Crab, Ocean Crab, General Crab, Pale Red Crab, Blue Horned Lizard, Red Horned Lizard, Green Horned Lizard, Pith Lizard, Adorned Unagi, Red-Finned Unagi

How do I put these animals in my Serenitea Pot?

If you’ve purchased any sort of animals or pets before for your Serenitea Pot, like dogs or cats, then you should already know how to put these overworld animals in your fantasy home. On the top right of your screen, press the button shaped like a hand to place furniture around.

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Click the Animal tab that appears, and then you’ll see all the animals or pets you’ve bought or captured there. You can then place the animal anywhere at your leisure, although you should note that some animals can only be put outside.

Now, you can have fun capturing your favorite animals in the overworld and then placing them into your house. Populate your home with tons of cute animals all over.

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