What is the Power Cap for The Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2?

She will push you to the limit.

Image via Bungie

With the Witch Queen on the horizon, Destiny 2 will be getting the changes to the game’s Power mechanic. Power is an indicator of a player’s strength and dictates how much damage they do to enemies, and take from them in return.

Content has a recommended power level, with some events like Raids or Nightfalls effectively being closed off to people with Power levels that are too low. You can find the required Power levels for the upcoming Witch Queen expansion below, as well as any limits that will be applied.

  • Floor (1350) – The lowest possible Power for a piece of gear; starting point for new characters. 
  • Soft cap (1500) – The point at which general drops stop being automatic upgrades; Powerful gear drops are now the best way to gain Power. 
  • Power cap (1550) – The point at which Powerful drops stop being upgrades; Pinnacle gear drops are now the only way to gain Power. 
  • Hard cap (1560) – Max possible Power from Pinnacle drops (ignoring Artifact Power). 

All players will be boosted to 1350 at the start of the Witch Queen, regardless of their Power level the day before release. This is to ensure that all players can dive straight into the campaign, even if they have been taking a break recently.