What is the Prince of Yul location in Destiny 2?

If you are tracking the Prince of Yul, we are happy to snitch about where he is hiding.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Each week, the Spider in Destiny 2 has different bounties for us to complete to get some loot. Visit him at the Tangled Shore, and you will be able to choose from an array of contracts to bring back some unsavory characters who escaped from the Prison of Elders. 

The Prince of Yul is once such character. He can be found on the Tangled Shore, near the Jetsam of Saturn, but there is one awkward aspect of this bounty. You will need to wait for the Cryo-Pod public event to begin because this is where the Prince of Yul is hiding. 

After you get the bounty from the Spider, head towards the Jetsam of Saturn and wait for the public event to start. When it does, a cryo-pod will come crashing out of the sky, and the Prince of Yul will jump out of it. Now, you can burn his health bar should you want to, but be advised that these giant Hive enemies are tough, so bring some hard-hitting weapons. 

If you wish, you can make the event Heroic, to double up on your rewards. To do so, whittle the Price of Yul’s health bar down by about a third, and you will notice that gas is coming from the cryo-pod. There are small circles on the sides that you can shoot, and when you break them, a coolant orb will drop out. Hit the Prince of Yul with two of them, then work on his health bar some more, and hit him with the next batch of orbs as soon as you can. 

This will freeze him in place, and you will need to fight some waves of enemies while controlling the area around the Prince. Stay in the circle until the timer counts down, and the public event will be over. The bounty will now be complete, and you can hand it in from the Quests tab in the Director.