What is the Reaper rotation in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

The skill and ability rotation for Reaper.

Image via Square Enix YouTube

The Reaper in Final Fantasy XIV has arrived, and you’ll be able to bring this deadly Job with you into Endwalker. The big thing to figure out while playing this Job is the skill and ability rotation. Understanding this rotation is exceptionally critical because it makes you more effective in combat. In this guide, we will break down the Reaper rotation for Final Fantasy XIV. You can find all of the abilities on the Final Fantasy XIV Reaper Job Guide.

Your rotation is essential, and as you complete your rotation, you’ll be building your Soul and Shroud Gauge. You’ll gain the Soul gauge first, which indicates how many Souls you’ve acquired during combat. When you have enough Souls, you’ll be able to use the Blood Stalk, Grim Swathe, and Gluttony abilities.

When you unlock the Shroud Gauge, you’ll be able to see how many Shrouds you’ve acquired in combat. When you have enough, you’ll be able to use the Enshroud ability. When you unlock the Shroud Gauge, you’ll also have to worry about the Death Gauge, which displays your Lemure Shroud stacks. These stacks allow you to execute level 90 specific attacks, such as Void Reaping and Communio. After you learn Enhanced Shroud, you’ll be able to gain Void Shroud stacks when Lemure Shroud is used, giving you access to Lemure’s Slice and Lemure’s Scythe abilities.

Your primary concern will be increasing your Soul Gauge bar. You can do this by going through your basic attack and area damage rotation. This is your basic attack rotation.

  • Slice
  • Waxing Slice
  • Infernal Slice
  • Soul Slice (30 second cooldown, shared with Soul Slice)

This is your area damage rotation.

  • Spinning Scythe
  • Nightmare Scythe
  • Soul Scythe (30 second cooldown, shared with Soul Slice)

You’ll also want to use these DoT effects on your target to increase your Soul Gauge potentially, but your Soul Gauge only increases if the target KO’s while under the effect.

  • Shadow of Death

You can extend the Shadow of Death by using Whorl of Death.

When you have at least 50 in your Soul Gauge, you’ll be able to use Blood Stalk or Grim Swathe. Blood Stalk is your single-target attack, and Grim Swathe is your area attack. Depending on your combat situation, you’ll want to use one or the other. After using Blood Stalk or Grim Swathe, your character gains the Soul Reaver effect, unlocking these three abilities to use.

  • Gibbet
  • Gallows
  • Guillotine

Gallows will enhance Gibbet and do more damage while facing your opponent’s rear. But you need to use Gibbet within 60 seconds of using Gallows. Gibbet is a single target attack that deals additional damage to an opponent’s flank. Guillotine is your area of effect attack.

Outside of your rotation, you’ll want to use Hell’s Ingress to quickly dash to an enemy, or Hell’s Egress to dash away from an opponent. After using any of these abilities, you can gain an enhanced form of Harpe that you can use.

We’ll be updating this guide with more information as we level up.