What is the Rebirth of Clemency event in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Fancy name, basically the same mechanics.

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Tower of Fantasy SSR characters come in two varieties. Some come in the Standard Banner — KING, Tsubasa, Cocoritter, and others — and those that are available initially only for a limited time. You get these through the various timed exclusive events, usually lasting three weeks and each coming with its own currencies. Today we’re talking about the launch event, Rebirth of Clemency.

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How the Rebirth of Clemency event in Tower of Fantasy works

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In Rebirth of Clemency, the first limited-time event in Tower of Fantasy, you use Red Nuclei to pull at the Limited Banner: Forgiveness and Rebirth. For every Red Nuclei you spend, you have a starting chance of 0.75% getting an SSR weapon, up to 2%. That 2% includes the guarantee SR pull at 10 Red Nuclei spent. In other words, every time you pull with Red Nuclei, you have a maximum 2% chance of getting an SSR Weapon. Whenever you do pull SSR-rarity, it has a 50% chance of being the event Weapon called Venux and its Simulacra Nemesis.

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Unlike the Standard Banner, once you spend 80 Red Nuclei, regardless of whether you have Nemesis, you have a full 50% chance of getting her again. Remember that Red Nuclei only come from spending 150 Dark Crystals for a single unit or buying Red Nuclei bundles with Tanium. However, if you do nothing but spend Dark Crystals, you’ll be putting away at least 12,000 for the 80 pity pull and as much as 18,000 to purchase the Venus Weapon guaranteed.

That’s because, like the Standard Banner, there’s a second currency involved in Rebirth of Clemency: Flame Gold. Every Gold Nuclei you spend earns you one Flame Gold, and you can spend 120 of them to guarantee you get Nemesis. If you max out all of your purple-rarity SR weapons, however, every time you pull one from the Limited Banner, you get a single unit of Flame Gold, meaning you’ll get a minimum of 11 extra Flame Gold before you can buy Nemesis outright.