What is the release date for Disciples: Liberation?

Prepare for war.

Image via Kalypso Media

After 10 years, the Disciples franchise returns with Disciples: Liberation, giving the chance to free the people of Nevendaar and forge a new path. Each choice you make brings you one step closer to drawing more allies to your side and creating new adversaries that you’ll be facing. This guide details the release date for Disciples: Liberation, releasing on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The expected release date for Disciples: Liberation will be October 21. It’s set to be an open-world game where you can explore any of the starting locations you want and find the best path that works for your character’s development. While not every region is immediately unlocked from the start, every decision you make adds up, and Disciples: Liberation features five unique endings for you to experience.

The genuinely unique detail about Disciples: Liberation will be the army you’re creating. You’ll be able to pick from over 50 different units that you can train and add to your team. Pick and choose the choices that fit your playstyle and give you the best advantage in tactical combat. Even the more minor mistakes in the combat can alter a battle, and you want to prepare yourself for any mishap that could happen.

There is only one edition available for Disciples: Liberation, but physical discs will be available in the future through Amazon. There’s also a 10% discount available for the game if you purchase it before the release date through Steam.