What is the release date for Gara Prime in Warframe?

Shattering dreams.

Image via Digital Extremes

Gara Prime, the queen of glass, will be making her way to Warframe. As always, Gara Prime will also bring some new Prime weapons to the battlefield with her. Players will be able to farm the Astilla Prime shotgun to send shards of lethal glass directly into the hearts of their enemies.

Gara Prime Access will release on May 25, giving players the chance to farm the Warframe via the usual method or opt for the paid route to get her. She will also be accompanied by the Gara Prime Access Accessories pack, bringing new cosmetics for Kavats to the game.

Gara Prime Access Accessories Include:

  • Catena Prime Ephemera
  • Castellan Prime Kavat Armor
  • Sabella Prime Gene-Masking Kit (Includes Fur Pattern and Four Colors)
  • 90-Day Resource and Affinity Boosters
  • BONUS: Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment and Kavat Starter Kit

To make room for Gara Prime Access, Octavia Prime Access will be coming to an end, so players who wish to purchase the gilded songstress will need to do it before May 25. Wukong Prime will also be getting added to the Vault, so players who wish to farm up his relics will want to do it as quickly as possible.

With the right build, Gara is currently capable of putting out some of the highest DPS in the game, thanks to the incredible Shatterlash Ability that can decimate enemies and absolutely melt health bars. This means Gara Prime is likely to be a hot commodity in the trade chat on the first day for those who wish to buy the Prime parts from other players.