What is the release date for Grounded’s August update?

The backyard has more in store for you.


Obsidian Entertainment’s shrunken survival game, Grounded, only entered early access on July 28, but fans are already raving about it and wanting more. The developers have plenty to be excited about given the current fervor for the title, and players continue to burn through the content the team released. With many players already hitting the last story beat available in the game, many wonder what’s next, and when can they have more? Obsidian has come forward to share its plans to release additional content monthly, and the first update will be on August 27.

The announcement came from Grounded’s official Twitter page, where the game’s director, Adam Brennecke, shared the new details. The update details were shared alongside Brennecke detailed how one million players have shrunk down and wandered around the backyard.

What will be included in that update was not provided in the tweet or the video. We imagine it will likely bring in additional insects, such as bees and mosquitoes, bugs that players can receive a quest to go and kill, but have not released yet. More bugs also mean more crafting items, plenty of new combinations, and maybe even further crafting recipes for BURG.L, the friendly robot that shares crafting ideas with you for a price.

We’re excited about the announcement of more content coming to the game so soon, and to hear the Obsidian team is dedicated to expanding Grounded on a monthly basis.