What is the release date for Risk of Rain 2’s Anniversary Update?

More content is on the way.

Risk of Rain 2

Image via Hopoo Games

Good news this week for Risk of Rain 2 fans as the Anniversary Update will be dropping a little sooner than most of us in the community anticipated. Hopoo Games will be unleashed the Anniversary Update on March 25, bringing plenty of new content to the game. The update will be arriving on PC first, and coming to consoles at a later date.

We don’t know the exact time of the update at the moment but will be keeping our eyes peeled for any news. Keeping an eye on the Risk of Rain 2 Twitter account is the best way to find out exactly when the update arrives.

This is not a throwaway update either, it is stacked with new content. There will be a new Survivor in the form of Bandit. Modders who will miss the fact that the version of Bandit in the files has become a great place to experiment need not worry either, this new Bandit will be a separate entry. There will also be a new boss, new items, the complete logbook entries, new skill variants for Mercenary, Mul-T, Loader, Rex, and Captain, along with personal stats and run histories.

Finally, you can expect quality of life improvements, and further support for modders. Hopoo are approaching the Anniversary Update with the same level of passion that we have all grown used to, and has helped push the game to the heights of success.

To date, Risk of Rain 2 has sold over 4 million copies on Steam, and the Discord community has grown to over 180,000 people. The game is also rated Overwhelmingly Positive by fans using Steams review system.

Later this year, Hopoo plans to release the game’s first paid expansion, featuring yet more content, including a new gamemode, more new Survivors and bosses, and new stages.