What is the release date of Alan Wake Remastered?

It was a beautiful place. I told myself I could rest here, sleep here and forget about my work (until now).

Image via Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake Remastered has been officially announced after a couple of leaks hinted at the cult classic’s return. The original version of the game was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2010 and caught the attention of thriller movie fans with its dark setting. Aside from a small side story, some small references in Quantum Break, and an appearance in Control, Alan Wake has been absent from Remedy’s work to the disappointment of all fans. Luckily now, he is making his return. Here is when Alan Wake Remastered will release.

Alan Wake Remastered is releasing on October 5 for PC through the Epic Games Store, PlayStation, and Xbox. Both the release date and platforms were teased in a Taiwan site and an Epic Games Store datamine that let us know the game was coming for awhile, but now we have official news on the subject.

Alan Wake follows the writer as he goes on a vacation with his wife to help rid him of his writer’s block. During the time there, he comes into contact with a dark entity that makes him forget what happens over a week and his wife goes missing. During this time, a tale he had written in that last week begins to come true as he ventures through the game.