What is the release date for Crysis Remastered?

A 4K installment of the 2007 hit will be here before you know it.

Crysis Remastered

Update: On the day the world first expected Crysis Remastered to drop, developer Crytek released a “tech trailer” preview that officially gives the game an official September 18 release date – almost two months beyond its initial date. The video addresses how ray tracing and 8K graphics, among other features, will alleviate fans’ fears of possible lackluster graphical capabilities.

via Crysis’s YouTube channel

As for the rumored August 21 launch date, PlayStation Access has since deleted the video from their YouTube channel and has not commented on what now appears to be a glaring error. The channel has recently uploaded a strikingly similar video, but with the Crysis Remastered portion seemingly edited out.

Original story: In a perfect world, Crysis: Remastered should already be in your game library. Although, Crytek has had a turbulent summer, as the game’s developer received a hefty amount of negative feedback from the remaster’s lackluster debut trailer. However, Crytek is slowly finding its way back into good graces. The reception for the recently released Switch version is highly positive, and now it appears Crysis: Remastered will finally see daylight on consoles very soon.

The PlayStation UK-affiliated YouTube channel, PlayStation Access, has posted a video highlighting all the games coming this week to PlayStation 4, and, unexpectedly, Crysis: Remastered is among them. In the reel, the team states that the upgraded version of the 2007 shooter will drop on Friday, August 21.

The YouTube video is still up on their channel, but Crytek hasn’t yet commented on this apparent leak. So, either Crytek was holding off on officially announcing the date and forgot about Access’s weekly video rundown, or maybe the PlayStation team was given the wrong information. No matter, fans should keep an eye on the developer’s Twitter for official word as to if this is true.

If it is so, Xbox and PC users will likely be able to purchase the game on the same date, as their initial July 23 release date was the same as the PS4’s before the delay announcement. As for price point, the Switch’s rendition is going up for $29.99/£26.99, and we’d be shocked if it was any different on consoles and PC.