What is the release date of Hogwarts Legacy?

There’s magic in the air.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Hogwarts Legacy is set to be an open-world game in the Harry Potter universe. You will be creating a Hogwarts student, learning what house you’ll enter, and attend classes to level up and master your magical talents. The adventure doesn’t stop on the school grounds, with plenty happening outside of the classrooms, full of a variety of dangers. The project is being helmed by Avalanche Software, who previously worked on the Disney Infinity series and many other Disney-related video games, such as Cars, Toy Story 3, and Bolt.

Originally, Hogwarts Legacy was set to release sometime in 2021. However, in early January 2021, it was announced by Avalanche Software that Hogwarts Legacy would be releasing sometime in 2022. Although unfortunate, not too many details surrounding the game have been released yet, other than many eager fans knowing its existence and a studio is working on the project.

Avalanche Software will be creating a brand new, original story in Hogwarts Legacy that stays true to the Harry Potter universe. However, players will not expect to see famous characters, such as Harry, Hermione, or Ron, running through the halls. The game is set hundreds of years before all of those events occur, so Avalanche Software has plenty of room to explore without stomping on any major toes.

Hogwarts Legacy is set to release to PlayStation 4 and 5, and the Xbox One and Series X, and for PC.