What is the release date of Nidus Prime in Warframe?

The glorious, gilded swarm.

Prime Warframes are more powerful versions of the standard Frames, and new ones will be released every year to keep Tenno chasing that power curve. They also tend to just look nicer, rocking all manner of gilding to increase your fashion game.

Nidus Prime was revealed at Tennocon 2021 and will be the next Prime Warframe that is added to the game. At the moment, Nidus Prime does not have a set release date. This will be a hotly anticipated release, as Nidus’ mix of tankiness, crowd-control, and general fun means he is a popular Warframe with the player base.

Just like all the other Prime Warframe, Nidus will be released into the game as a set of blueprints that can be found by engaging with specific activities within the game. The components can then be built using resources in the Foundry and combined with the main blueprint to create the Warframe.

There will also be some Prime Access packages available the feature the Warframe, the weapons that will be released with him, and more than likely some accessories as well. We will update this article as soon as Digital Extremes release all the details about the Nidus Prime release.