What is The Yard mode in Madden 21?

A brand new mode is headed to Madden.

EA announced on August 5 that a new game mode will be coming to Madden 21 on release. It’s called The Yard and is a backyard-inspired mode that will feature new animations and wild gameplay in a brand-new setting.

In The Yard, players will be able to create their own avatar, customize it, and then join 6-on-6 football games against either the CPU in offline solo play or co-op, or other players in online multiplayer. Players can form teams of one, two, or three players in The Yard, and once in the game, they can run a variety of trick plays, including behind-the-back throws and double passes, something you would never see in a real NFL game. But all of this is part of a mode that EA is touting to be an experience completely different from the one you will find in competitive or simulation play.

“We wanted to create a new way for players to express themselves and take on small-sided football in an arcade-style experience that’s completely new to Madden,” said Madden executive Seann Graddy. He added that in addition to the new “arcade-style” simulation experience, players in The Yard will be able to relive that backyard football experience they may have had previously in a fun and relaxed setting.

This new mode is not the first time that EA has attempted to replicate playing sports in a non-professional setting in their sports titles. The NHL franchise added the World of CHEL in NHL 19, giving players the opportunity to play hockey in a relaxed, pond hockey-themed setting. And just last year, the FIFA team added the new VOLTA mode to the franchise, a feature that revolved around playing the game of soccer in a street setting.

Players can begin playing in The Yard starting August 5 on the Madden 21 mobile app. And for those who don’t play Madden on mobile phones or tablets, the game mode will be in Madden 21 upon launch on August 28.