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What Time Does Apex Legends Update?

Apex Legends is a live service game with regular updates that bring new content to all players, but it's hard to track update times.

Apex Legends is a live service game with regular updates for new seasons, Legends, and hotfixes. The trouble is, it’s hard to know when these updates take place, making it almost impossible to figure out when the game will be playable on update day.

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However, there is at least a vague schedule for when developer Respawn Entetainment plans in updates. While most need to go live as and when they’re ready for stability and balance purposes, but updates such as seasons are predictable. They need to be so that the developer can ensure a smooth transition between Battle Passes for all players in Apex Legends.

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What Time Does Apex Legends Update (October 31, 2023)

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The usual time for Apex Legends updates is 5 PM GMT/10 AM PT. Respawn Entertainment is often quite clear about what days updates will go live. So all players need to do is keep an eye out around this time on those days for server issues or updates that can be downloaded.

If the update is a regularly scheduled season, it could take quite some time to download. If it’s only a small hotfix, the game could be back up and running within minutes, leaving players free to watch the update download and dive back in quickly. For these, we like to make a cup of tea because we’ve usually got enough time to let it cool down and drink it before we’ll load into a match.

How to Check for Apex Legends Updates

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The best way to check for Apex Legends updates is by following and looking at the feed for the official Apex Legends Status social media account. We use this account all the time to keep track of any errors in the game or planned downtime. If something is wrong with the game, or there’s an update, there’s a good chance it’ll be mentioned here.

The other way to check for updates in Apex Legends is to check when the current season ends. At the time of writing, Apex Legends Season 18 has just ended, and Seaosn 19 has started. This season adds a new Legend, so we know it’s going to require a large update. We run the game on Xbox, though thanks to cross-platform progression we can play on the same account anywhere, so we checked the Xbox update queue to see when the update was available and how long it was going to take.

The same can be done on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Each has a facility where downloads are listed, and if players see one for Apex Legends there, they need to download it. The nature of this online game means that all updates must be downloaded before it can be played. Otherwise, some players might have an unfair advantage.

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