What to do when a wasp hive stings you and how to get medicine in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You need to grab medicine to patch yourself up after wasps sting you.

Pushing on trees comes with a price in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Every so often, when you push on a tree trunk, you can have a beehive fall to the ground, and its swarm of bees will attack you, stinging you all over. Luckily, they will leave you alone. However, when they leave, you’re left with a swollen face and looking worse for wear.

The only way to rid yourself of that awful appearance and get better is to locate medicine. Initially, you may believe you need to speak to Tom Nook, Timmy, or Tommy on the island to receive assistance. However, you do not have to speak to them. You want to locate one of the other residents on the other island to receive some help from them.

Upon first speaking to them, they will freak out about your current condition and want to help you. While the resident won’t have medicine on them, they will give you a recipe for medicine. Now, all you need to do is obtain the materials yourself to make it and protect your face from further attacks like this in the future. Grab the recipe in your inventory and learn it. To create the medicine, you will need a wasp nest and three clumps of weeds. You can return to the location where the wasp hive stung you to grab that, and you can pick up random patches of grass scattered all over your island.

When another wasp hive stings you or you hurt yourself in the future, make sure to have some supplies or available medicine on you to patch it up. It’s never a bad item to have readily available.