When are Beast Tribe quests coming to Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

Don’t expect to find them right away.

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A big notable piece of content you’ll want to do after finishing Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion is the Beast Tribe quests. These quests become available after you complete the Main Story scenarios in the expansion, and they have to do with the many unique NPCs you encounter during your adventure. For Endwalker, the Beast Tribe quests are unavailable when the expansion launches. When are Beast Tribes quests coming to Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

We can confirm that the Beast Tribes quests won’t be available when Endwalker launches. Instead, these quests are set to release at a later date, sometime later. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact patch number. However, for Shadowbringers, the Pixies were available in patch 5.1, the Qitari in patch 5.2, and the Dwarf Beast Tribe quests were released in patch 5.3.

Based on this information, we can expect the Beast Tribe quests for Endwalker to arrive in patches 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3. Although, this information is purely speculative. We have no formal confirmation from the Final Fantasy XIV team about this. We doubt they’re going to change their development cycle, though.

While the Endwalker Beast Tribes are not available at launch, it gives you plenty of time to work through the Endwalker Main Scenario and complete everything else on your checklist.