When do Mega Aerodactyl mega raids come to Pokémon Go?

Mega Aerodactyl is making its debut to Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

Mega Aerodactyl has been announced for Pokémon Go, and you’ll be able to battle it to earn Mega Aerodactyl candy to evolve one of yours into its mega evolution. The Pokémon will be appearing for a limited time when it debuts in 2022, but when exactly can you start to find it? Here’s what you need to know about when Mega Aerodactyl mega raids arrive to Pokémon Go.

In your local time zone, the Mega Aerodactyl raids will begin spawning on January 7, 2022, likely at 10 AM. A handful of timezones may experience and have Mega Aerodactyl raids showing up before this, so if you have friends in these locations who send you to raid invites, you might be able to catch it a bit earlier than this time. We recommend taking a handful of trainers with you if you want to defeat Mega Aerodactyl. Similar to five-star raids, Mega Raids are relatively complicated, and you may need a friend or two to beat it.

Upon defeating Mega Aerodactyl, there will be a chance for you to capture a standard Aerodactyl to add it to your collection. In addition, there is a chance this could be a shiny version of this Pokémon. Each time you defeat Mega Aerodactyl in a raid, you’ll receive a small amount of Mega Aerodactyl candy you can use to evolve your Aerodactyl into its mega evolution.