When does Destiny 2 Beyond Light start, and what is it?

More is on the way.


Destiny 2 has a new year ready to hit the ground running, and the new season is called Beyond Light. It’s all about discovering the area called Europa. The area will have players discovering secrets that are thousands of years old, and learning what there for Guardians beyond the traditional route of the Light.

Beyond Light launches on Sept. 22. It’s the new year for Destiny 2, where players will be going beyond the traditional light system players have been using as a conduit of their power since the initial start of the franchise. There’s a new element adding to the franchise where players have a unique energy to yield, going beyond what players had traditionally done.

Everyone will be learning more about Beyond Light throughout the summer. The idea of players growing beyond the light system they have become accustomed to will be told through the new Destiny 2 expansion and will be a narrative driving point. You can expect to learn more throughout the summer of 2020, and then more explicit details regarding the story of Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion.

The Beyond Light expansion features Guardians wielding the darkness, and what that means for the rest of the franchise moving forward. The darkness has been a unifying enemy for all Guardians, and to wield it as a weapon has plenty of new suggestions about what makes a Guardian in Destiny. We expect to learn more on Sept. 22.