When does Pokémon Go’s Season of Discovery start?

A new chapter starts for Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players will say goodbye to the Season of Legends on May 31, 2021. On June 1, immediately after this, the Season of Discovery starts. This will be a three-month period where the primary focus of the many events happening throughout Pokémon Go will be centered, and we’ll also see Season 8 of the Battle League happening simultaneously.

The previous season, Season of Legends, focused on several new legendary Pokémon, such as Therian Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus. These Pokémon were already in the game in their standard forms, which also made a return, but the Therian formes are a more powerful version of the Pokémon. We also saw the return of Giovanni who captured shadow versions of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. At the end of the season, Xerneas and Ylevtal made their debut to the game.

Now, for Season of Discovery, the focus for Pokémon shifts into the summer. The first day for the season begins on June 1, with the upcoming events focusing on Discovery and adventure, which is ideal for the summer. The Battle League Season 8 also starts just before it, on May 31. The battle league will have the Great and Ultra Leagues divided into two-week periods, with the Master League being available for a solid week. There will be several events available throughout the summer, with more Pokémon for players to encounter and plenty of events each week.