When does Star Wars Eclipse release?

The game is currently in early development.

Image via The Game Awards

One of the world premieres at The Game Awards was Star Wars Eclipse, an upcoming Star Wars title developed by Quantic Dream that will be set during the High Republic era, which takes place hundreds of years prior to the mainline film series.

The trailer shown at The Game Awards provided a first look at the game’s world, showing off various species, characters, and some familiar Star Wars elements, but unfortunately, it did not provide a release date. We’ll update this article as more details surface regarding Star Wars Eclipse’s release date.

At The Game Awards, host Geoff Keighley stated that the game was in early development, so we likely won’t see this title for at least a few years. It’s possible more may be revealed about it in 2022, but don’t expect this game to hit store shelves anytime soon.

Details regarding Star Wars Eclipse leaked early in 2021, including who it was being developed by. It will be a part of the High Republic, a Star Wars subseries that Disney launched in early 2021. The High Republic is not to be confused with Knights of The Old Republic — a classic Star Wars game that will be receiving a PlayStation-exclusive remake. “The Old Republic” refers to a time period that predates the mainline Star Wars movies by thousands of years, while the High Republic is only set a few hundred years before.