When is Ganyu’s birthday in Genshin Impact?

Our favorite archer’s birthday.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Genshin Impact, all the playable characters have a birthday that provides special rewards for travelers over the year. Ganyu celebrates her birthday on December 2. The birthday mail contains a written letter by Ganyu and some special rewards delivered by her. You’ll get 5 Qingxin, 1 Prosperous Peace, and 1 Qingxin seed.

Qingxin are flowers that you can use to ascend Ganyu and other characters. You can plant the Qingxin seed in your garden to have an unlimited supply of these flowers. Finally, the Prosperous Peace is her specialty dish that restores 40% of her max HP and an additional 2,350 HP to a selected character.

Ganyu’s Birthday Letter

I’ve heard my colleagues say that among humans, birthdays are very special and are important occasions to be celebrated. They are days to go to places where you normally wouldn’t go, and spend Mora on things you wouldn’t normally buy. Only then would they be considered birthdays.

But for me, the passage of time is a trivial thing. I’m always very busy on my birthdays, and they always go by the same way every year.

During my nap today, you unexpectedly appeared in my dream. You said something to me with a smile… Unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember what you said after I woke up.

Maybe it’s a sign that there’s something you want to tell me? Perhaps I should take this opportunity to meet you… Either way, I’ve prepared a gift according to Liyue customs.

Here are some Qingxin seeds, so you can experience the joy of planting and harvesting. Ah… there’s no more room left to write about tips on planting and tending but it’s alright, let’s just discuss it when we meet.