Pokémon Go Fest 2021 dates, Meloetta, and event details

The annual festival returns.

Pokémon Go Fest returns in 2021 in a two-day event. The previous year, in 2020, it was a global virtual event where players all over the world had the chance to participate in the limited-time event to capture exclusive Pokémon and compete in global challenges. When players completed the global challenges, everyone reaped the benefits, unlocking exclusive Pokémon. On the second day, Team Rocket and Giovanni made their return where players had the chance to capture a shadow Mewtwo and eventually introduced the new legendary Pokémon, Victini. With 2021 being the 25th anniversary of Pokémon and being the fifth anniversary of Pokémon Go, developer Niantic promises plenty of surprises for the event.

Pokémon Go Fest 2021 will be taking place from July 17 to 18. We don’t know if the event will be another virtual event or if it will be taking place in a specific location. Traditionally, before the Coronavirus pandemic, the event happened in the city. In 2020, it was a virtual event where everyone could purchase the ticket, unlocking specific Pokémon and challenges that only those with a ticket could access.

The Mythical Pokémon appearing this year will be Meloetta, a Pokémon that can transform and switch between its Aria and the Pirouette form. You can swap between these forms in the main games by using the Relic Song move in battle. How it will work in Pokémon Go remains a mystery, but it might be the best time to introduce the new feature of changing Pokémon forms, which has been hinted at in the past.

While we know the exact date for Pokémon Go Fest 2021, we do not know too much else. We’ll be learning more details in the future. We can expect more announcements to happen regarding challenges, new Pokémon, features, and much more to be in the event.