What is the release date of the Back 4 Blood open beta?

It shambles closer.

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

The Back 4 Blood Technical Alpha feels like it was so long ago, even though it happened in December shortly after the game’s reveal. After delaying the game, Turtle Rock Studios has done an excellent job of keeping people updated on the game. We remain excited to get our hands on the cooperative shooter again. Luckily, we finally know when that will be, as the team has revealed when the open beta will occur.

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta will be active on August 12-16 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game is also coming to last-gen consoles, so owners of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One are not left out. During this time, absolutely anyone can download and play the game.

That is not the only beta start date, however. Anyone who pre-orders Back 4 Blood will be able to take part in an Early Access Beta, which will take place between August 5-9.

There is even more news on the beta, however. In a WB FAQ on the game, it was announced that anyone who participated in the Technical Alpha back in December would automatically be involved in the Early Access Beta. Look out for an email from WB on the matter as the date draws closer if you have not preordered the game yet.