When is the makeup Dragon Week timed research event in Pokémon Go?

Try again.

Pokemon GO

During the Dragon Week event in Pokémon Go, several trainers encounter technical issues when attempting to complete the timed research. The timed research was a limited-time event available to everyone. The makeup event will be happening from August 21 to 26. The makeup event gives trainers a new timed research to complete during the allotted timed, with the same rewards.

The event starts on August 21 at 8 AM and goes until August 26 at 10 PM in your local time. The rewards will be the same as the Dragon Week event, but the tasks will be different. We’ll be learning about those tasks in the next few days when they release. We can expect them to potentially include catching Dragon-type Pokémon, and attempting to land Nice, Great, and Excellent Poké Ball throws. Although, the adjusted tasks may not include catching any Dragon-type Pokémon because the special spawns during the original won’t be happening.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Week makeup event does not include increased Dragon-type spawns. That makes trainers participating in the makeup event won’t capture harder to catch Pokémon, such as Dratini, Trapinch, Gible, and Bagon.

Make sure to be on the lookout for the upcoming tasks to likely arrive sometime in the late morning on August 20 when they release for New Zealand.