When will Disney+ come to Nintendo Switch?

How long will fans have to wait for Disney Plus on the Nintendo Switch?

Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch

Disney+ was an immediate hit when it launched in some territories in late 2019, and it’s since expanded its market to places like Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, gaining it even more viewers.

Disney+ is available on a wide range of platforms, including iPhone, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, PlayStation 4 and Roku, but one notable place you can’t yet get caught up on shows like The Mandalorian is the Nintendo Switch. While the Switch may not be the first platform most people think of to binge-watch their favorite shows on, its easy portability would make it a great choice for some on-the-go viewing with Disney+. That has left a lot of people asking whether Disney Plus will ever come to the Nintendo Switch, and if so, when?

Is Disney+ coming to Nintendo Switch?

The good news for Switch owners who want to get their fix of Disney classics on their console of choice is that a Switch launch of Disney Plus is very likely to come sometime in the future. That’s not just wishful thinking—Disney itself already hinted that it would be bringing its new streaming service to Nintendo’s hybrid console before the service even launched.

During a presentation for investors prior to Disney+’s release, Disney announced which platforms that the streaming service would be available on at launch and also shared an image with some of those platforms. Along with confirmed platforms like the PlayStation 4 and Chromecast, the image included the Nintendo Switch. At the time, Disney said that it hoped to have Disney+ on the Switch in the future, but it didn’t go as far as saying that it already had a deal with Nintendo.

Disney Plus Platforms Graphic
Screengrab via Disney

The Nintendo Switch already has streaming video services Hulu and YouTube, so it’s clearly not a technical limitation that’s keeping Disney+ off of the console. It’s likely that Nintendo and Disney are waiting to make a deal that works for both companies, and given how protective they can both be with their properties, that may also explain why it’s taking so much longer to get Disney+ on the Switch than it did for other platforms.

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The bad news is that no one knows when Disney+ will be available on the Nintendo Switch, assuming it ever makes it there. The lack of any concrete details isn’t a reason to give up hope, though. Disney has been fairly slow with the rollout of Disney+, and it still has plans to expand the service in the future. Disney+ launched on Nov. 12, 2019, in some territories including the U.S. and Australia, but only made its way to several European countries like Germany and Austria on March 24, 2020. It’s expected to launch in France on April 7 and move into other territories in the summer of 2020.

While none of that necessarily means that Disney+ is coming to more platforms, it does mean that Disney is actively looking at ways to get its service onto more screens. The more potential viewers Disney+ has, the more attractive a deal with Disney could start looking for Nintendo as well.