When will Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op mode release?

Grab a friend, and prepare to jump into the campaign together.

Image via 343 Industries

The iconic Halo campaign cooperative experience is essential to the franchise. It’s been available for every game in the series and has been a good way to create some of the best experiences for players who want to beat a campaign on a higher difficulty. Halo Infinite will receive a campaign co-op mode, but it won’t be available at its launch. When will Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op mode release?

The exact release date has not been shared by developers 343 Industries. However, they did share that it will be arriving during Halo Infinite’s season two, with the game’s launch being the first season. Each of the seasons in Halo Infinite will be three months long.

With that in mind, whenever Halo Infinite releases as the multiplayer season kicks off, the campaign co-op will launch three months later. That should give the development team plenty of time to handle any launch issues in Halo Infinite and make sure the co-op campaign is ready to go by then.

Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op mode wasn’t the only one to receive a bit of a delay. The creative Forge mode will be launching during the third season. However, if Halo Infinite’s 2021 holiday release date happens, then we won’t see Forge mode around until summer, with campaign co-op coming out sometime in spring of 2022.

We’ll be updating this guide when we learn the exact release date, but don’t expect the co-op mode to come out until spring 2022.