When will Hu Tao and Thoma’s banner release in Genshin Impact?

The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor director is on the way.

Image via Mihoyo

Genshin Impact is getting a rerun for the popular five-star character Hu Tao and a new four-star support character Thoma. Both are Pyro characters, and while Hu Tao is a DPS, Thoma is a support character who provides shields for the team.

Currently, Genshin Impact is getting a rerun of the character Tartaglia, or Childe as he’s referred to in-game. This banner is ending soon, paving the way for Hu Tao and Thoma. But how much longer do you have to save your Primogems for this spooky new banner?

Hu Tao is set to release on November 2, which is the same day Childe’s banner will also end. Thoma will appear as a four-star on her banner, so the two will have the same release date.

Unfortunately, the weapon banner accompanying Hu Tao has not yet been confirmed. While players suspect that the featured weapons will include Staff of Homa, Hu Tao’s signature weapon, there hasn’t been a leak yet indicating it. That being said, whatever weapon is featured on the banner will release alongside Hu Tao on November 2.

While some players were hoping for a Hu Tao banner aligning with Halloween, November 2 is arguably an even more fitting date for the Funeral Parlor Director. November 2 is the date for Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which Hu Tao would surely appreciate.