Where are the mayor’s shorts in Stardew Valley? Answered

Help Lewis with his wardrobe malfunction by finding his lucky shorts.

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Sometime around the start of summer in Stardew Valley’s first year, Mayor Lewis of Pelican Town will request the help of capable farmers to track down and retrieve his lucky pair of purple shorts. With no leads to start the search, tracking these shorts down can be particularly difficult for first-time players to accomplish. However, the garment and its related fetch-quest can be quickly and easily managed if players know where to look.

Finding the mayor’s shorts

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For reasons unknown to the player, Lewis’s shorts have somehow ended up on the floor of Marnie’s bedroom. Much like many of Pelican Town’s townsfolk, however, the player can’t simply barge into the rancher’s private quarters and will need to earn her trust before she’ll let them in.

To open the door to her bedroom, players must first reach a friendship level of at least two hearts with Marnie. This can be done semi-passively and on time by speaking with her daily and giving her two gifts per week.

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As a rancher, Marnie likes eggs and milk from the player’s farm. If players are too early into their playthrough to afford livestock, they can give her inexpensive raw quartz found in the mines to progress her friendship as well quickly.

Once inside Marnie’s bedroom, the player can easily pick up the mayor’s shorts. If, where, and how they go about returning them to Lewis is up to their own discretion, such that they can return them outright for a cash reward, sneak them into the soup as an ingredient at the luau, or put them on display during the fair.

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