Where are the points of no return in Halo Infinite?

It’s an odd situation.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Halo Infinite takes a much different approach to the campaign for Master Chief than any other past story in the series. For starters, the game is played on an open world map that you can freely explore while you progress through the story and fight the Banished. Is there any point of no return where you lose access to any content?

Unfortunately, there is a kind of point of no return at Halo Infinite’s launch if you are hunting collectibles. Any collectible that is located in a main story mission can only be grabbed during that mission. Because there is no mission replay in the game, if you do not grab everything your first time through, you will either have to start a new game and reach that point again or wait for 343 Industries to work in a replay feature which they have said is on the way.

Outside of collectibles, there is another point of no return where you lose access to the open world for a while. Once you start the mission Nexus, you will be on a one-way track to complete the rest of the story before being able to explore the world again freely. Completing this back portion of the story took us about three hours. Once you have finished the story, though, you get full access back to the open world and can complete any side objectives and collectibles you missed.