Where to collect Floating Rings at Lazy Lake in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Look up.

Floating Rings Lazy Lake

One of the challenges in Fortnite this week is to collect Floating Rings at Lazy Lake. The rings are blue, ghostly looking rings that can be found floating in the area. You need to collect four of them for the challenge, and we have their locations marked on the map below. We also have some images of where the rings can be found to give you a proper reference for where to look.

All you have to do is get to the ring to collect it, so these may involve some building upwards, especially for the one on top of the tree. There is really much else to this challenge, but if you are still trying to get your Lazy Lake eliminations from last week’s challenges, then at least the area will be filled with players, making it easier to wrap that one up.

Floating Ring 1

Floating Ring 1

Floating Ring 2

Floating Ring  2

Floating Ring 3

Floating Ring  3

Floating Ring 4

Floating Ring 4

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