Where did Captain America land in Fortnite?

Cap is here.


If you are like us, you may have been searching for Captain America’s landing spot inĀ Fortnite. The Marvel hero has joined the game and has a skin available in the Item Shop, including a multipurpose shield and back bling. In a short cinematic that played when players started the game today, we got to see Cap arrive using the Bifrost. Players have been curious about where on the map cap landed, so we have been trying to track down the spot to see if there is a Bifrost marker there, like there was in the video.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. The map that Cap is seen landing on is not really the map that we play on in the game. From what we can tell, there is a little bit of cinematic magic going on, including a potential purpose-built platform for Cap to land on, specifically for the cinematic.

To the left of Cap, you can clearly see the rolling hills beside Lazy Lake, and to the right, you can see Lockie Lighthouse. We jumped into the game to try and replicate this view, as best we could, and one thing is clear, the spot that Cap landed doesn’t seem to exist.


Obviously, there are some differences in things like the focal length of the shot, but we got pretty close, and as you can see, the camera is floating above Lazy Lake, on a piece of ground that doesn’t actually exist in the game. If you go back further, to get to the hills on the south of the map, you cannot see Lockie at all.

Of course, the big clue is when the camera turns away from Captain America, towards the Bifrost mark, as there is definitely no flat area of trees like that on a mountain on the southern part of the map. Sadly, it doesn’t look like you will be able to find the Bifrost in the game, because Cap appears to have landed on the part of the map that doesn’t actually exist.